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Rising up with Innovation

Abby brown yoga posing in front of the ocean
Women in a yoga pose wearing H2OM yoga outfits.

Did you know that the fashion industry is the 2nd most pollutant industry IN THE WORLD?

We are working on changing that. By shopping H2OM, you’re supporting an industrial movement that’s demanding innovation in the way we manufacture goods worldwide.

From start to finish, our products are mindfully sourced, crafted and delivered to you without harming people or the planet. Here’s how we do it…

Our Material

With H2OM, every ingredient matters. That’s why we’ve sourced the highest premium recycled polyester fabric (RPET) from the #1 manufacturer of recycled fiber in the world. Watch this video for a better understanding of how recycled water bottles become fabric.

Our Pieces

We lay out patterns on our fabric to leave as little as space as possible leftover, and any fabric that is leftover we turn into products, such as our signature H2OM Hair Scrunchies.

Our Pieces image. Model in the beach wearing blue tops
Our Prints image. Two models wearing different printed H2OM clothes
Our Prints

Dyeing textiles contributes to nearly 20% of global industrial water pollution, as well as a huge amount of solid waste when those dyeing machines are obsolete. That’s why at H2OM we do not dye our fabric. Instead, we use a sustainable method called sublimation to create our vibrant prints which leaves virtually zero waste.

Our Partners

Our mills and inks are Certified EcoPassport facilities by OEKO-Tex and all partners are all U.S. based, which allows us to have full visibility into our production processes. Additionally, our products are made by people who choose to make them, are paid a fair salary, and are treated like the valuable human beings they are.

Our Partners image. Close up shot of hand holding clothing tag.
Our Packaging image. Close up shot of H2OM packaging tags
Our Packaging

We package our products with some of the world's most sustainable poly mailers which are made with 100% recycled content. Even our garment tags are made from recycled materials with absolutely zero plastic used. Sizes and care instructions are printed into the garment which also creates less waste.