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About Us

H2OM model in yoga posing at the beach

Doing better for our people & our planet

Our Planet has Problems

More than 70% of the plastic we produce ends up in a landfill or a waterway.

Source: World Economic Forum Report

Every year, 100,000 sea mammals and over 1 million seabirds are killed by ocean pollution.

Source: Unesco.org

There are 500x more micro-plastics in our ocean than stars in our galaxy.

Source: United Nations

Nearly 20% of global wastewater is produced by the fashion industry.

Source: United Nations

H2OM has Solutions

Sewn for the Ocean

H2OM items are specifically sewn to save the ocean by using materials made from plastics pulled from landfills, oceans and other waterways. Thanks to our partnership with REPREVE®, the world’s #1 brand of recycled performance fiber, our products are made from 100% recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles and waste.

Sewn for sea creatures
Sewn for Sea Creatures

H2OM provides a voice to the voiceless, standing up for the sea creatures that can’t speak for themselves. Our vibrant hues and eccentric designs offer a unique signature style that promote the pipe dream for a plastic-free ocean. Each piece represents a sea creature you’re saving!

Sewn for you
Sewn for You

H2OM is here to make you feel at hOMe in your body and at peace with our planet. Our activewear is created to accentuate the parts you love and flatter the parts you desire to love more. Our unique sea-inspired designs help you stand out in style and stand up for marine conservation.

Our Mission

We are not just another sustainable brand,
nor just another kind of cloth.

We are a ripple effect of conscious consumerism.
We are a balance between progress and play.

Like the ocean, we are purposeful and passionate.
Like the tide, we are rising up to protect our planet.
Like the waves, we are crashing down on
unethical practices.

We are rethinking production in a way that
reduces pollution.
We are disrupting the convenient habits that are harmful to our existence.
We are creating these threads because we choose mindfulness -- over mindlessness.

Like you, we are connected to the
elements of the earth.
Like you, we are motivated to help all beings,
not only human beings.
Like you, we are here to stand up - not stand by.

With you, we are manufacturing a movement:
a riptide of revolution.

We are inspired by the ocean.
We are sewn for the ocean.
We are H2OM.

Meet Abby Brown ~ The who behind the why

Back in 2018, Abby was walking along her home beaches of San Diego when she found herself picking up more trash than she could collect in her own two hands. This moment catapulted her mind into motion, brainstorming a way in which she could not only help counteract this issue at hand but create a larger impact by delivering to a global need. As both a lover of the ocean and devotee to the practice of yoga, the idea of activewear that turns debris into attire was born.

As a prior Mindful Business & Experiential Specialist, Certified Yoga Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator and Energy Healer, it has been Brown's mission to bring her lessons from the mat into the marketplace. Brown's goal is to create worldwide awareness on the dire importance of both individual health and oceanic wellness.

Abby Brown Owner & Creator of H2OM

To Bring H2OM from Ideation to Creation, Brown gathered a team of Entrepreneurial-Minded Artists and Spirited Creators.

Together, we're working to draw attention to a manufacturing, consumption and disposal problem. We are doing this by creating a product that serves as a platform to ignite solutions to promote a cleaner environment for both sea creatures and humans alike.

H2OM Team members holding hands in the beach sand