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H2OM, a local sustainable USA made retail brand, is hosting a Yoga Yacht Party 

San Diego - H2OM invites you Downtown on Monday, June 20th from 6:00 - 8:00 PM to board San Diego’s most luxurious mega Yacht, the Hornblower Inspiration, for an exclusive Yoga Yacht Party that is far from ordinary. Not only does this Yoga Yacht Party have live music, yoga, and free giveaways, but seeks to bring awareness to the necessity of sustainable business practices.  

H2OM’s CEO & Founder, Abby Brown, is on a mission to create a movement that inspires both consumers and manufacturers in becoming more sustainable. “Clothing brands, particularly fast fashion companies, need to do better if we want our world and our future generations to thrive”, she says. Brown’s revolutionary new clothing line is made from recovered plastic water bottles harvested from waterways and landfills. The Yoga Yacht Party, named Soulseaker, strives to bring awareness to innovative products that utilize sustainable materials and/or ingredients - and how together, we can do better.  June 20th is just one day away from the summer solstice - a time symbolic of prosperity, extravagance, and good spirits. “What better way to commemorate this time than to instill these feelings in our attendees. A new day and a new way is here”, she says. 

On the deck of the Hornblower, attendees will connect with their minds, bodies, and souls through beats with DJ Amanda Malcom Brown combined with a 1-hour high vibe yoga flow led by Laura Monk from Soulfish. Just below the deck there will be an abundance of complementary products from H2OM, as well as a variety of other local sustainable, wellness centric brands. Best of all - before the journey back to land, each attendee will receive a “swag bag” filled with goodies to take home from Soulseaker as well as opportunities to win a variety of prizes from raffles. All proceeds from the raffles will be donated to the charitable sponsor and local NFP, I love a Clean SD. Local businesses such as these are going above and beyond to not only do good for their community, but for the planet, and this is a way to pay it forward. 

The Hornblower will begin boarding as early as 5:15 PM and will set sail from 6:00 to 8:00 PM sharp. Purchase your tickets now using this link, or search “Soulseaker” on Eventbrite.com. For the kick off to this summer’s solstice, come support your local San Diego community in a do good, feel good event where you will surely find your spirits uplifted.

About H2OM™ & OM on the Ocean™:

Based in sunny San Diego, OM on the Ocean™ Productions has merged the love for yoga and the ocean into ONE by creating experiences and curating practices that provide healing on and for the ocean. This specific event for 2022 will be hosted by H2OM, a new vibrant, ocean inspired activewear line made out of recycled plastic water bottles that allow you to not only do good - but feel good! H2OM is proud to be a 1% for the Planet Community Member, donating at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes.

Together, H2OM™ & OM on the Ocean™ bring passion with purpose and will be introducing San Diego to an unforgettable experience that’s centered around wellness, mindfulness and love for both people and the planet.

“After seeing the pollution on our beaches and in our oceans just here in San Diego, I knew I needed to do something. As both a designer and a devoted yogi, I wanted to find a way to somehow turn this mindlessness into mindfulness. It was at this moment, the idea of creating a product out of this recovered recycled plastic began to brew. It was at this moment I tasked myself with the mission to really dive deep into this idea – and 3 years later, after much salt water, sweat and tears, H2OM is making its way into the world.” — Abby Brown, H2OM CEO/Founder


Abby Brown

CEO/Founder - H2OM