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Hello & Welcome to H2OM!

I wanted to take a moment to formally introduce myself and give you a little bit of a back story on how H2OM came about!

For Starters

My name is Abby Brown and I am the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of H2OM (pronounced H•2•ohhmmm). I have a Masters in Marketing/Advertising from RMIT in Melbourne Australia & a BA in Communications and Fashion from Marist College in New York-- paired with an unwavering passion in alternative wellness. I am a certified 200 HR yoga teacher from School Yoga Institute, a Vibrant Reiki Practitioner and a Revelation Breathwork Facilitator. I share this because it all leads me into what I have created today.

Abby Brown, Founder/Ocean Crusader

I grew up by the ocean and have always had a deep connection to the healing properties it has provided to me. A few years ago I was walking down the beaches of my beloved home city, San Diego, when I realized there was more trash on the beach than I could pickup with my own two hands.

I was horrified. 

Being a city of beach goers and ocean lovers, it was sad to see this right here in our backyard — and from my years of traveling overseas, I knew this issue was one at mass scale. It was in that moment that I decided I wanted to merge my love for yoga and ocean into one by creating a product that turned this mindlessness…into mindfulness. 3 years and a whole lotta salt, water and sandy toes later, I’ve brought this idea life.

So, where did this name and concept come from? 

The letters H2OM are a play on H20, the element of water combined with OM, the universal sound chanted in yogic traditions.  The goal of H2OM is to help clean up our oceans, waterways & landfills by recovering trash and turning it into a recycled treasured product. 

About our Products

All of our current products are made with yarn from our partners at Repreve, the #1 manufacturer of verifiable and trusted recycled performance fibers. The difference between virgin polyester and recycled polyester is that the former is created from scratch using fossil fuels, whereas the latter relies on post-consumer plastic. Studies are reporting about 33-53% less energy is used to create recycled polyester -- and uses about 25% less CO2 emissions due to not using petroleum. We partnered with Repreve to ensure we were truly being a part of the solution -- not just another "sustainable" brand. To date, Repreve has recovered nearly 34 billion plastic bottles, turning one man’s trash into another woman’s treasure. It just so happens that each yard of our fabric used to create our yoga leggings uses 13 plastic bottles, resulting in your purchase having a direct impact on our planet.

We currently have several sea inspired designs in which are all sustainably made here in the USA. Our products are meant to invoke the feeling that you are walking through the ocean and there is a seascape of the ocean’s magic cascading across your legs.  With vibrant designs made from 100% recycled materials, H2OM products are meant to stand out so you can stand up with us against protecting our oceans & providing a voice to the voiceless.  

In addition to utilizing recycled materials to create our apparel products, we have sourced smarter and more sustainable methods in creating our products every step of the way. Our unique designs go through a printing process known as sublimation, which essentially has zero waste when compared to dyed fabrics and designs. Not only do we save an absorbent amount of water in this process, but we seek to use less in all ways we create. If we can print it, we do. Where we can eliminate excess, we are. From plastic bottle to our packaging and hang tags, our goal is to be using 100% recycled materials and to be creating all of our products as sustainably as we can.

Our purpose is elevate both our people and our planet and we are proud to be members of 1% for the Planet, meaning 1% of our annual sales goes towards global environmental causes.

Join Us

By shopping H2OM, you’re joining a movement of demanding change to the ways we produce and consume, helping us move closer towards restoring Mother Earth. It's my personal intention to use H2OM as a platform to cultivate change, deepen connection and elevate our consciousness.

Together, let’s seas the day and save the sea one recovered material at a time!

Thank you for being a part of our story. Be sure to give us a follow us on IG @shoph2om to keep up with our unfolding journey.